Why Chat with Emoticons?

Are smileys and emoticons even necessary for chatting on Facebook? There are those who may feel as though they aren’t. Then there are those who feel they are and use them all the time. Even Facebook users who utilize the chat box and don’t believe the characters are that necessary, may use emoticons more than they realize. When you type a regular smiley 🙂 🙂 or =) it automatically turns into the smiles emoticons. The same goes for a sad face, glasses and the heart.

Think of the words you’ll save sometimes when using Facebook chat emoticons in your chat box. Facebook chat sessions become even better with the emoticons. Some of the cooler emoticons you might impress your buddy with are: the curly lips, shark, Chris Putnam, robot, penguin and the angel. All of these and more can be found here. <--- a complete list of Facebook emoticons. They symbols are cool to use also. So don’t fall into the belief that smileys and emoticons are no fun and they aren’t that useful. Just learn some new ones yourself and try them out next time you’re chatting. You’ll see the enjoyment you get once you start using them more often and your chat buddies will be tickled.

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