Unhappy FB Emoticons

If you think that Facebook smileys are only for depicting happy and contended minds, think again. There are a good number of facebook emoticons that also take care of the sorry hearts. Three of them include: frown, cry & grumpy.


It can be that you have recently been dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend, or have suffered a bad fracture or might have had an unexpected misunderstanding with your best friend. Sad face or frown is one of such facebook smileys that along with expressing your depressed mind will also make others share your frustration. Create the most thoughtful of Facebook smileys by typing 🙁 🙁 :[ =(.


If frown was too light to carry the weight of your heavy heart, there are still more facebook emoticons for your help. Cry is one of the most infectious of Facebook smileys that also makes others cry with you. It is ideal to send it to your loved ones if you are feeling too lonely and missing them terribly. These facebook emoticons will help you save a lot of words while chatting. See how sensitive and gloomy the :’( looks. Facebook smileys like cry will even melt the heart of your strongest adversary.


Grumpy is the third occupant in the list of facebook emoticons to convey a sunken heart. Grumpy is one of the unique facebook emoticons that helps to emote in more than one ways. You can use this most thoughtful of facebook smileys for either a sullen heart or a dubious mind. If you are in a situation that has made you both disappointed and surprised, put grumpy. You can create super expressive facebook smileys like grumpy by >:( >:-( to let others know how so heavily you were struck by some information.

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