Unhappy Emoticons: Unsure, Gasp, Upset

If you are feeling depressed and sorrowful and you don’t want to say that in words use a Facebook Smiley. Now, if you are online and chatting with your friend on Facebook, your problem is solved. Insert the unhappy emoticons and make things easier for you.

Some of the unhappy Facebook emoticons are unsure, gasp and upset. If you are confused and do not know what to say then use the unsure Facebook emoticon. Sometimes, it becomes hard to express any confusing situation and it sounds rude to say ‘no’ to your friend directly for anything that he or she wants to know.

Gasp equivalents to the feeling of unsure emoticon. You gasp when you see or hear something unexpected. Suppose you hear your friend’s dog is struck with a heart attack, use the gasp to express your feelings. The upset emoticon is used when you are really worried about something. Suppose you are not finding your favorite watch or your friend is not well at the hospital, then you can make use of the upset to explain the situation. Facebook emoticons makes things easier for you.

The Facebook emoticons are the best of all. When you get access to the opportunity of writing down all expression in details, Facebook will leave you more enchanted.

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