Top 7 Facebook Emoticons of the Month

On the off chance that you need to recognize what is new and the most well known, then look at for the Top 7 Facebook Emoticons which has topped the diagram. To begin with is the fiend symbol, which is generally utilized when you are not cheerful or fulfilled by somebody’s answer. This Facebook chat Emoticons are utilized to indicate malicious or awful. Next comes the sunglasses Emoticon for the cool and chilled, gaze out! Third place in the diagram is involved by our old most loved Pacman. Yes Pacman as a Facebook emoticon is one of the top picks.

At that point comes the amount of our sweetest Emoticon of all, that is, penguin Emoticon. At the fifth spot we have the exact acclaimed holy messenger Emoticon. It is most broadly used to mean a great individual or somebody of a heavenly nature. The vast majority of us utilize it for them who are sweet to us. The sixth position is possessed by our brains Emoticon of the specialist of Facebook Emoticons, that is, by Chris Putnam.

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