The Original Facebook Smileys Are Back

Facebook has customized a number of Facebook smileys which are quite popular. The smile is one of them and is a simple one that is used often with a good morning or with a good feeling for something for yourself or friend. The grin smiley is an extension of the feeling and it shows that you are exaggeratedly happy with something.

The tongue smiley has a naughty touch to it. When you feel someone’s stupidity in something and you want to express it just insert a tongue. It lets your friends know that they have done something silly.

The frown smiley is a serious note and is one of the most rarely used Facebook smileys. The frown shows that you are disappointed with something that has happened. You simply frown and let your friend understand. The sunglasses is one of the most stylish Facebook smileys which symbolizes Gen Y. If you are using it you signify your own style.

The cry smiley is for a reason which you feel unhappy about and do not agree with it at all. The wink smiley is also one of the famous Facebook smileys and is used for mischief purpose.

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