The Many Expressions of Facebook Emoticons

Expressions are exclusive and differ along with specific human moods. As an active Facebook conformist, you need to know all the major Facebook emoticons by heart. There are 25 different types of Facebook chat emoticons ready for use. You’ve got all the basic emoticons lined up in the forefront. These would include Facebook chat emoticons like smile, grin, frown and grumpy. Kiss, curly lips, and love indicated with the heart shape.

You can also use robot, penguin, and other special icons to express views. Expressions often change according to the course of on going discussions. Herein, you can change turn up the flair of conversations for the better by using Facebook emoticons like the kiki, squint, confused to generate clarifications from the other speakers.

Put on the shades if you got to tell your friend about the dazzling experiences you had on the beach today, or you can put on the serious face completing your look with the spectacles crooked up on your nose to say exams are knocking at the doors and your course books are claiming all your attention for the time being. There too could endless instances or excuses for you to use the icon simply because these cute and crisp yellows curves make wonders in the FB world.

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