The 6 Hottest Facebook Emoticons

The sunglasses is a Facebook chat smiley that represents the geeky style. It epitomizes the Gen Y aura. You will love using the sunglasses smiley if you want to express your own style. It establishes the style statement that you show.

The squint smiley is one of the most mischievous Facebook emoticons. It defines the mischief air to your eyes that add to the spice. The grin is another most famous and intensely used Facebook emoticons. It shows how happy you are and you need to open your mouth to express happiness.

The kiss smiley is used to express love. Amongst the various Facebook emoticons, the kiss is commonly used for showing to loved partner that how much you love him. The kiss is a complete dictionary of love words that you can better express than write.

When emoticons are in abundance, use them to improve your chat online. The tongue shows that you are poking fun at your friend. It is light tone and is very peppy to use as one of the most popular Facebook emoticons. The confused smiley is used when you are at loss as to what to do. You simply use the smiley.

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