Symbols to Use on Facebook

There are symbols made just for Facebook. These fun symbols are great for chatting, status updates and messaging. The cool thing about Facebook symbols is that, unlike emoticons and smileys, you aren’t limited to using them JUST in chat or inbox messages. Symbols for Facebook can be applied even in your statuses and wall posts. They are unique, but they do not contain colors like the smileys and emoticons.

The symbols can be inserted whether you’re using a desktop computer or laptop. To insert Facebook symbols on your PC simply hold the ALT key on your keyboard while entering one of the codes listed to get the corresponding symbol. It is important that you remember to use the numbers found on the right side of the keyboard as opposed to numbers at the top. If you use the numbers at the top of your keyboard the codes won’t work.

If you’re trying to use the symbols for Facebook from your laptop, use the following instructions:

Press and hold the “Alt” key

Press and hold the Fn key while holding the Alt key

While holding the Alt and Fn key enter the necessary code (numbers on the right side of the keyboard or by the letters U, I & O).

Lastly, an even easier way to get the Facebook symbols you want to appear, just copy and paste them from this list. Highlight the symbol of your choice and right click. Press “Copy”. Then select where you want your symbol in Facebook and hit “Paste”. You can also utilize Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for copying and pasting the symbols listed below:

Code | Symbol

1 = ☺

2 = ☻

3 = ♥

4 = ♦

5 = ♣

6 = ♠

7 = •

8 = ◘

9 = ○

10 = ◙

11 = ♂

12 = ♀

13 = ♪

14 = ♫

15 = ☼

16 = ►

17 = ◄

18 = ↕

19 = ‼

20 = ¶

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