Smileys for Facebook Chat: Devil or Angel

Speaking of Facebook smileys, these are the rage amongst online buffs who love to be connected by more than just words. Sharing pictures, videos, audios are now common across the Internet, but when you are engaged in a conversation online, you are limited with options. In an attempt to make it interesting Facebook introduced the list of smileys. The list is so long that it goes beyond just the facial expression.

There are many Facebook emoticon that have been customized but some are more interesting and do wonders. These two Facebook smiley sare contradictory in meaning, like the Devil or Angel and can be used in at the same sentence. The Devil represents the bad or evil side. To make someone believe that how bad you can really get you send in the devil. It projects the negative shadow in you but then again you can send in the Angel, if you want to make believe that you are very innocent and pure. Facebook chat smileys do it all.

Suppose you want to make someone believe that you can be very bad if you are messed with and you use the Devil. But in actuality you are very good and pure and so you use the Angel. The opposite meanings are signaled in the same sentence. Hence, when the contradictions are easy to create then send the Facebook smileys instead of writing.

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