Smile and Wink at Santa with Facebook Emoticons

Is Santa testing you again this year? You might not believe in the Christmas spirit, but you hate being on the naughty list of the harried old man. Greet the merry man on the sledge with Facebook emoticons. You might help him change his mind and grant all your wishes all at once. Is it the new race tracks you are dreaming of? Is that at number one on your Christmas list? Turn into the good heart boy, a next door chocolate boy and the apple of the eye of the whole neighborhood. Allow the facebook emoticons to work for you.

St. Nick will never miss your chimney on Christmas Eve again. Catch him off guard, while you peer out through the planetary sky through the Facebook world. Let those binocular eyes send the HO HO man a flashing wink to say hello and welcome to my city with an innocent and witty heart. Christmas well wishes can be coupled with a genuine smile, one of the wonderful elements of the Facebook chat emoticons. Your distant relatives will love to see the yellow little face grinning at them, but send a wink to add extra flavors. A joke will sound better with a wink to finish off with. Facebook emoticons are easy to insert and remember, all you will need is a little practice.

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