Facebook Emoticons Love | Say “I Love You” with FB Emoticons


Whether it is your mother’s birthday or your marriage anniversary, Facebook smileys fit everywhere, especially when it’s time to show your love and affection. A loving heart is all that is needed and facebook smileys have taken good care of this. Heart is the loveliest of all facebook emoticons that is a real favorite of all who are in love. Put it into your chat and let the most romantic of all Facebook emoticons carry your message to your loved ones. Just type in the two characters <3 and say all that words can not speak.


If devil comes, can angel be far behind especially when Facebook emoticons are there. Angel is the most divine and prettiest of all Facebook emoticons that is forever ready to be your guardian angel in all situations. Maybe your sweetie reminds you of an angel and you want to let them know that. If you are feeling guilty for something, just send the purest of all facebook smileys to express your apology. On the reverse, you can send your angel to also show unconditional mercy to someone who has hurt you. It is one of the chart-topping facebook smileys that you can send through O:) O:-).


If you desperately wish to kiss your beloved but can’t due to whatever reasons, let Facebook smileys make your task easy. Kiss is the most favorite facebook emoticons of all the cupid-struck and a ready and useful substitute for the real ones. Facebook emoticons like kiss always top the chart of lovers and are the most searched smileys. There is no better way to fill in your chat with the warmth of a romantic kiss by putting (:-* :*). Confide in Facebook smileys to win the heart of your sweetheart once again.

Use these three Facebook emoticons when simply telling that special person “I Love You”!

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