Say Cheese with Facebook Smileys

Facebook emoticons brings to you a sea of chances to improvise your chat online. It is not always about the integrity of words that can solely convey your message to your friend. Insertion of Facebook emoticons and emoticons can bring about a great change. A emoticon can change the pulse of your feeling by being more specific.

“Say cheese” is a common saying when you are posing for the camera with a smiling face. Write ‘say cheese’ in between your conversation and you will see the difference that makes to your interaction with your partner. You will love the spark that ‘say cheese’ will bring to your friend’s face when you are chatting. Yes, a emoticon can work wonder and equally the ‘say cheese’ words can catch on the mood and wrap you in a happy mood.

The significance is that when you ‘say cheese’ your lips extend on both sides and you feel that you are smiling. It has the power to patch up an old fight and bring happiness to a relationship. It is the moment for click and when it simply frames the moment with that big flash of smile on your face.

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