Facebook Emoticons: Robot vs Pacman

Not every FB emoticon is going to be a smiley face. In fact they have gotten even more creative by adding a robot emoticon as well as Pacman! Which do you prefer to use? Why not just use both!

If you are averse the idea to open up your mind before others, facebook smileys like the Robot is just right for you. The most inscrutable of all Facebook emoticons, robot will earn you awe of enough green eyes. Robot is also one of the naughtiest Facebooik smileys that allow you to adopt a double standard if you wish to. The wittiest of all Facebook smileys will not let others dig deep into your mind. Just type in :|] and rule the assumptions of all minds.

Pacman has been one of the coolest Facebook emoticons that owes its origin to the coolest video games of the 80’s. Facebook smileys such as pacman will let you have your own style statement amidst the crowd of the overly followed latest trends. Let the most uncommon of Facebook emoticons make you the retro dude of modern times. Be special and feel special with the most specially designed Facebook smileys. Insert it in your chat by typing :v and make others envy your catchy style statement.

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