Poke Fun on Facebook with Facebook Emoticons

Do you have a chat buddy who can always tell when you’re up to no good or playing a prank? Decrease the chances of them catching on by sending him appropriate Facebook emoticons. You can wink at him when you are in the mood to hide a fact. Heighten the suspense and make fun of his slowness by jutting your tongue out. The exclusive tongue icon among the Facebook emoticons will help you express all such facial gestures over the virtual space.

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There are moments when you can hardly say anything else. Resort to Facebook emoticons to create rib tickling effects. If Facebook is the most endearing networking site then most of the credit goes to the cute circles of pulpy faces popularly known as Facebook emoticons. You can make up when the person finally starts making sense of the prank and keeps sending the devil in your chat box or play the innocent angel and simply say “forgive and forget” using Facebook chat emoticons. Did your friend loose his mind over the pretty girl in class? Grab your chance to hit back and tease him by sending little hearts get their cheeks turn blushing red. Your evenings and afternoons will now have you glued to Facebook using the Facebook smileys in chat.

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