Pique Friends’ Interest With Facebook Emoticons

The best thing about Facebook chat is undoubtedly the introduction of emoticons. It will be a big mistake to say that an emoticon only eases the tension in a conversation or conveys exact emotions to the other person. Facebook emoticons can be used for various purposes, primarily by peeking friends’ interest by using a smiley or an emoticon. Facebook has a lot of emoticons, but it is relatively unknown to its users hence the exchange of Facebook emoticons and piquing friends’ interest with new emoticons for Facebook is very common amongst all users.

There are a lot of smileys which are relatively unknown to Facebook users. Apart from the common emoticons such as the smiling emoticon or the grinning emoticon, there are many of emoticons which are not known to people. So when someone gets to know about a new emoticons, he or she can peek his or her friends’ interest by introducing them the new smiley. Relatively lesser known Facebook chat emoticons such as the penguin or the robot can be used to peek friends’ interest and then it becomes a fun ride. Friends will want to learn about it and then the emoticons can be discussed, bringing people much closer, which after all is the ultimate aim of Facebook.

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