Penguin & Upset Facebook Smiley

Facebook emoticons are the best! After an elaborate research it was found that words can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and gulp the sea of time, which is indispensable. Everyone is busy today and there is no time to type a long sentence for every feeling to convey the heart. Therefore, the Facebook emoticons were created.

The upset smiley is one of the many Facebook Chat emoticons and it signifies confusion of your mind. You will love to use the upset facebook emoticon when you find it difficult to express a certain situation and you are totally confused about it. The upset shows that you are worried about a situation and how you want to waver it. If you want to share it with your friend just give the hint and apply the upset emoticon, >:O. It completely says it all.

The Penguin is another way of expressing your feeling towards a friend. If you feel that your particular friend is sugar coated and is the sweetest in the whole world, then the Penguin adds to the thrill. You will love to use the Facebook emoticon to explain to your friend what you feel for him or her. However, penguins are mammals that are found in the snowcapped zones. Therefore with the beginning of Winter the usage of penguin is high to show that cold is in and chill is engulfing.

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