Penguin and Shark Facebook Emoticons

Imagine expressing your feelings while you are miles away from your friends and relatives and is not hooked on any video technology. It is no gimmick, but the truth is that you get to experience this on the social networking sites. Talk with Facebook emoticons and smileys. Facebook is ahead of the other social networking sites and it has emerged with a spectrum of facial expression to copy and paste in chat even if you cannot be seen.

Words cannot do good to conversation always. When you need to express, use the Facebook emoticons or emoticons. Some Facebook emoticons reach beyond the facial expression. They have a different picture, but replicate your feelings. For instance, the Penguin is one Facebook chat smiley to do so. The Penguin is cute looking and so when you use it you want to assert that are the cutest. However, the cold regions are associated with Penguin and with the coming of Winter the usage of Penguin is increased.

Danger is hard to express through a face. Therefore a Shark speaks it all. After the Jaws movie, shark sent the cold spine in everyone and so Facebook decided to include it in the list of Facebook chat emoticons to help users signify danger.

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