New Facebook Timeline Available Across the Globe

Have you been seeing a different format on some of your friends profile page? There’s usually like a really large picture at the top and two columns of updates below. That’s the new Timeline that has hit Facebook. This new kind of profile lets users highlight photos, posts and events that help tell “your story”. You may have heard the term “Timeline” used more on Twitter. Well, it seems Facebook is trying to use it now as well, and make it somewhat similar. There’s a time when you can just try out the Timeline and do a trial version where he or she has 7 days to preview it. That way one can also add or hide whatever they want before anyone else sees it.

Facebook has also made it to where you can take a tour of this new feature and learn all about the Facebook Timeline found at the top of the page. They’ll usually throw in a little advertisement for it after you’ve logged in if you haven’t seen it already. To get the timeline right now on your profile, click “Introducing Timeline page” and click “Get Timeline.

One feature people might like is that one that allows you to hide certain things from your timeline. You can also use the privacy drop-down to edit who can see any of your posts. It even lets you select “Only Me” for those posts that you’d like to keep and see but don’t really want other people seeing.

Timeline also has an Activity Log, which is a place where you can go back and review all your posts and activity from the day and even way back to the time you first opened an account. (I think) I know some of you are veterans on Facebook and started out when it was exclusive to college students, but try it out and see. Maybe the new Timeline on Facebook is right for you. Maybe it isn’t. If it is get to clickin’ “Get Timeline” now!

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