New Facebook Smileys

Curly lips is one of the Facebook smileys used as a substitute for kiss. It is more emphatic than a kiss and shows your loved one how crazily you want them. The glasses are one of the Facebook smileys that define one’s persona and style. If you think you are cool then send the glasses and see the reaction you get. The squint smileys are very popular with the ones who love to express the mischief self in them.

The angel is a different Facebook smiley emoticon, and it is one of the most rarely and indispensably used Facebook smileys. It expresses the purity and innocence in you. The KiKi has close resemblance to the squint smiley. The KiKi looks so naughty and sweet too. Kids love to use it when they are expressing the joy or sweet naughty gesture to someone.

The confused is another most commonly used Facebook smileys. It shows that you do not understand something and that you are dubious about the matter. The upset smiley is used when you are distressed or annoyed with something. Send in the smiley and you realize how beautifully they convey.

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