New Facebook Emoticons!


Kiki is one of the sweetest of Facebook smileys to show others how extremely happy a person can be. Kiki has been designed with the inspiration from the Japanese, who look really cute while smiling. You will also find striking similarity of this most popular of facebook smileys with happy cats. Kiki belongs to the new series of Facebook emoticons that lights up your most ecstatic state. The happiest of Facebook emoticons even looks very happy when you will put it in your chat through ^_^.


Good news for you – Facebook emoticons can now help you retaliate against anyone that messes with you! Facebook smileys are very lovable, but they’re incredibly effective in expressing your wrath too. You don’t need to face anyone, just send them the devil and the most powerful of all Facebook emoticons will do its work. Are you planning to woo girls in a different way? Just type in 3:) 3:-) and enjoy the status of the coolest dude of your gang. It was never so easy to express your exact emotions before the Facebook smileys took charge of them.

Chris Putnam – founder of Facebook

This next emoticon has nothing in common with the Devil but Facebook smileys owe a lot to Chris Putnam. You will also do the same if you want to be a little different. The face of Chris Putnam, the founder of Facebook, is the only one to be incorporated as one of the coolest of facebook emoticons. Putting Facebook smileys like Chris Putnam in your chat will let others know of your attitude. Just type :putnam: and spread the aura of your personality. Let the most intelligent of Facebook emoticons make you the center of attraction of all your acquaintances.

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