New Facebook Emoticons – Kiki, Devil & Chris Putnam

There are some Facebook emoticons that are creating ripple bin the realm of online conversation. The emoticons are the best when they are inserted in between your sentences. You must agree that words alone cannot express every emotion. You need to send in some gesture, but it is difficult online. The pictorial expression epitomizes your expression in one go and helps you to be more definite.

The kiki is a Facebook smiley that has arched brows. You will love it when you are in the mischievous mood. The KiKi expresses smile with naughty gesture in the eyes. It has that Chinese expression that will send a sense of thrill through the one reading your expression. The Devil on the other hand represents an evil light to it.

But do not take Devil solely for wicked purpose. It can be a good weapon while proposing to someone to establish your image and how ferocious you can get if you are turned down. Be careful when you are using the Facebook emoticons, since the misuse can lead to misunderstandings.

Who can possibly forget the very trendy and new Facebook emoticons. One of them is the Chris Putman, which is actually the face of the great personality Chris Putman, the head behind the designing of Facebook. When you are using it you are relaying about your iconic persona.

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