Light Up the Computer Screen with Facebook Emoticons

Your computer screen must be looking dull with all those long drawn formal conversations going now with virtual friends over the Facebook world. Bring back the charm and the dramatic charisma. Bring your real world popularity to the virtual world too. Try out the Facebook chat Emoticons right away. This helps out to turn the beady eyes wide open and sparkling and also helps you to get rid of the yawns at once. You can make faces at your chat friend with exciting Facebook chat Emoticons like the devil the kiki, the tongue and the sunglasses. Stop uploading a new avatar everyday for the new friends you have just added to keeping them hooked up in the guessing wheel.

Is your sister complaining about her new teacher more than usual? Help her to calm down with Facebook Emoticons like the angel and the devil. You can use these to help her understand how to take up the good thing of a person and leave aside the bad qualities. If you have been up to pranks you can surely work towards deducting few off them from Santa naughty and nice list by apologizing to the victims through chat boxes of Facebook. Couple you apology with Facebook chat Emoticons to get the maximum effect!

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