I Love You Facebook Chat Smileys

Smileys are integral to online chat. The different social networking sites on the Internet that allow you to interact with a large dimension of people across the world have spread like rapid fire. To name the most popular, Facebook is one such site that uses the different smileys or facial expressions to articulate your chat and enable expression. For instance, the heart smiley or emoticon is widely used due to its popularity.

The heart signifies exchange of feeling that is love. When chatting online if you send in a heart to your friend, it will give the message that you are trying to send in your soft corner feeling to your partner. The Angel emoticon is regarded as the sweetest of all Facebook smileys. You will love using it since it denotes the innocence and sweet attitude of your persona. The angel is sometimes used to pacify things between controversial situations between friends.

The Kiss is a Facebook smiley loved by all those who are in love. It is hot and very trendy. With the lips cupped to kiss, the kiss emoticon is like a rage amongst the youths. They will love to send it at the end of each sentence to show that how they are yearning to cuddle their partner.

Facebook smileys are close to heart. The more you use them, the greater you fall in love with it.

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