How To Delete Facebook Chat History

Most of us are aware that it’s not too difficult for an Internet guru to get access to your information online. Once you put something out there on the web, it can go so many places. If you use the Facebook chat utility your convos are likely saved in Facebook. There may be conversations or things that you write on Facebook that you don’t want people accessing. This application has a feature to where you can prevent this from happening.

Learn how to erase your tracks and delete previous chat conversations. When logged into Facebook click on the chat application found at the bottom of the screen. Click in the area and a panel will slide up showing all your online friends that you can chat with. Select the friend that you have chatted with before and are wishing to clear the chat history for. This person may or may not have to be online at the moment. Scroll to the top of that chat panel and click where it says “Clear Chat History”. By clicking on this link, any chat history will be deleted. Do this for any chats you want removed. Just open the chat box with the friend of your choice and repeat the instructions above.

Remember the chat box is a great place to use all the Facebook emoticons, whether old or new. When you clear your chat history these little characters will be deleted too, but you can always use them again. Emoticons for Facebook are timeless.

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