Fun New Emoticon Faces for Facebook

Don’t worry about your emoticons of smileys getting old and outdated. Now you can create some of your very own Facebook emoticons. We’ve got some new ones that you can use. Send us your cool ideas at our Facebook Emoticons fan page or comment here on the website! You’re no longer restricted to yellow faces to express yourself. They are definitely classic, but a celebrity actor here or a funky troll there can sometimes do the trick in switchin’ it up. Even you Bieber lovers are in for a treat. Check these guys out:

 Badass – (Chuck Norris) [[46637413257]]

 Eloquence – [[WilliamShakespeare1]]

 Pirate – [[CaptainJackSparrow]]

 President, leadership – [[barackobama]]

 Bro – [[DJPAULYD]]

 Male attractiveness – (Ryan Gosling) [[246631252031491]]

 Boyishness – [[JustinBieber]]

 Relaxation – [[BobMarley]]

 Condescension, judgment – [[simoncowell]]

 Adventure, auto theft – [[VinDiesel]]

 Brilliance, controversial brilliance – [[Zuck]]

 Loudmouth – [[theuncrunched]]

 Greed – [[DonaldTrump]]

 Drunk – (David Hasselhoff) [[123670240998921]]

 Santa Claus – [[TheMagicOfSantaClaus]]

 Terrible art – [[Nickelback]]

 Winning – [[CharlieSheen]]

 Disapproval – Fry from Futurama [[[278104690058]]

Describe the emoticons how you want to, but the codes will remain the same. Those were just a few suggestions. Just copy the bracketed text at the end of the emoticon into your chat box or Facebook message, and watch as they liven up your words. Use this list of codes whenever you want. (Trust us. They’ll work! If any don’t look here for technical instructions) Here are a few more when you’re ready! We’ve got great tips, hints and updates about Facebook right here, so keep coming back to see us.

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