Flirty Emoticons the Wink and Curly Lips

Flirting can get you that naughty and ticklish feeling, and you feel in the mood of laughing and pulling pranks at your friends. Whether you are using the wink or the curly lips, it shows that you are in playful mood and you will love to indulge in some jokes. Well, there are Facebook emoticons to cover these expressions too.

The wink is one Facebook IM smiley that is sure to tickle you with the poking fun or naughty tinge in the eyes. If you are in the mood of leg-pulling then the wink should your choice. It gives you the creative right to go your way and spice up a conversation. Innocent naughtiness is the kiddish prank displayed in a sweet fashion. You should applaud those who have created the wink and how it wraps up the mood of chats with style and mischief to get you hooked to your friend.

If Kiki is already a Facebook chat smiley that you use for mischief and limitless joy, then pull out the curly lips from the list of Facebook emoticons, another most popular gift. It expresses the abounding joy and the desire to run to your boyfriend or girlfriend and get cozy. Snuggle up with your dear ones if not really but virtually with the use of the curly lips.

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