FB Symbols – Laptop Instructions

The laptop has a little change of process that has to be followed to get the codes for Facebook symbols right. Just like the desktop, you have to press the Alt button and while holding it down press the Fn button too. When these two buttons are under your finger pressure enters the codes. When you press the ‘enter’ button, you get the symbols right.

There is a slight difference between the desktop and laptop and you have follow the tips to get the codes right. Codes allow you to have access to a number of emotions or expression that you can express without having to follow the complexity of words.

When Facebook emoticons and smileys fall short, learn the codes so that you are exposed to a sea of Facebook symbols allowing you simplify your chat conversation. Using FB symbols will also spice up the chat conversation and calls for special interest. It is a pictorial representation of feelings when words fail to convey. The process is specific without loopholes.

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