FB Smileys: Upset and Grumpy

When you are upset and not in a mood to talk to others, just use the most expressive Facebook emoticons to let others know that. The new innovative Facebook smileys go far beyond emoting only smile and happy moments. May be your exam result has not been as you expected, you have recently learnt about an accident of your best buddy or someone might have picked your pocket in which you had kept your credit card and other important items, just send the upset. Facebook emoticons like upset and grumpy are best for you to express disappointment and dubiety. You don’t need to write a thousand words to open up your mind. Just insert the upset or the grumpy in your chat, and let the world know that you are disgruntled. These Facebook smileys are so expressive and useful that who can say, you might even get back a heartfelt reply to your upset message. Put the grumpy by typing >:-( and make others equally upset with you by inserting the upset through >:o.

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