FB Smileys | Turn that Frown Upside Down with FB Smileys

Facebook emoticons are on their way to replacing wordy communication. We all belong to a racing time when there is hardly any time left for verbal or written communication. The more you use words, the more you lose time. But this is the age of information and you must communicate to keep up with the time. The invention of smart Facebook smileys has been proved to be a breakthrough in modern social communication. Facebook emoticons cover almost all types of human expressions with really amazing graphical representation. When you can use the heart, angel, smile, grin, kiki and curly lips to express your heart’s content, there are the devil, shark, grumpy and the upset that emote the feelings of a blue heart. The new addition of tongue, penguin, putnam and pacman speak out a lot about your attitude and let you choose from varied emotions to replace words. Type in the simple key combination to create some of the coolest Facebook smileys and see the power of the single characters to outcompete long, wordy chat messages.

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