FB Smileys Sunglasses & Eyeglasses | Facebook Specs

If you feel down with the pairs on your nose, let Facebook emoticons iron out the wrinkles on your forehead. Glasses are usually considered the trademarks of a geek, but if you look at the trendy Facebook emoticons, you will have to reconsider your thoughts. Facebook smileys like the glasses and sunglasses are the representatives of the Gen Y smartness. Whether you have or don’t have glasses, these facebook smileys will make you pick them to flaunt your style statement. You can insert your designer glasses by just typing the 😎 that will be your online I card to your recipients. And if you want to be the coolest fashionista, then just insert the sunglasses by typing 8-l. Moreover, sunglasses have an added advantage: with them on, you can hawk around everybody without allowing anybody else to get an idea of what you are thinking about them. Just pick any one of the coolest smileys and show the world your attitude.

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