FB Smileys | Kiki & Wink FB Smileys


Facebook smileys are Here to teach you how to smile with squinty eyes in chat. What is it that makes you wish to fly high above the sky? Is it your much-awaited promotion, your engagement or something else? Give wings to your joy with the happiest of facebook smileys. Kiki is one of those coolest facebook emoticons that will remind you of the cats or the Japs. Imagine a cat with a wide smile and you will figure out how so extremely happy a person does kiki signify. You can insert the cutest of Facebook emoticons by ^_^.


Facebook smileys are also the naughtiest of all. Nothing can be more devilish and cool at the same time like the wink- the naughtiest of all Facebook emoticons. Whether it is the “innocent sin” that you share with your best friend or some really mischievous pranks that you have played on someone, a wink on your chat window will cover up all while hinting to it. Wink is one of the smartest of >Facebook smileys that helps you tease someone who is very serious. Type 😉 😉 to send the most popular of Facebook emoticons.

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