FB Smiley Emoticons – Devil and Shark

It is not all about the smile with the Facebook smileys. If you want to flaunt your darker, wicked and fierce side, there are also Facebook emoticons for them. Do you have a classmate who bullies you all the way and you simply feel helpless because he has a very heavy build? Get yourself safely locked inside your room and just send the shark to him. He will quickly get the taste of your evil side without your having to do anything.

The shark will also come to use if you want to teach your once-friend a lesson for fleeing away with your girlfriend. Devil and shark, these two Facebook emoticons are somewhat similar in action, but the devil has something more to it. You will get an extra advantage from the cool devil. Want to flirt with someone but don’t want to be stereotyped? Just send the devil with some brainy lines. The devil will send across your message much better than the lovey-dovey messages do. Arm your chats with these two cool Facebook smileys. Insert the shark by ^^^ and the devil by 3:) and wait for the magic!

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