FB Emoticons | What Happens on Facebook Stays on Facebook

Ever heard the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”? Well, sometimes what happens on Facebook needs to stay ON Facebook. With Facebook Emoticons that is quite possible because these emoticons and smileys cannot be used anywhere else! While people are putting their business on the web, posting statuses, photos and crazy wall comments, you can keep in private with FB Emoticons in your chats.

Facebook is like the “Las Vegas” of social networking. The site has all you could ask for when partaking in social media. Then just when you thought they’ve done it all, they come out with something new! One of the recent additions to take the site by storm is Facebook Emoticons. There are plenty to choose from when you want to share your feelings in a face. Emoticons for Facebook do just the trick! Learn all of them here, then share the love using the chat device. FB Emoticons are exclusively used for facebook.com so stay tuned for more to come!

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  1. As new emoticons started to hit the market, however, the internet realized, after some experimentation, that each emoticon could be used in several different situations with several shades of meaning, which pretty much rendered half of the emoticons useless and half of them stupid things like a crude rendering of the video game character Kirby raping himself and an ASCII goatse, which several people were quite confused to discover was an emotion.

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