FB Emoticons vs Smileys – What’s the Difference?

Some might argue that there is a big difference between a Facebook Emoticon and a smiley. Smiley is actually defined as the textual expression, while an Emoticon is the graphical expression of emotions. However, both are on the same line and treated by the majority of users as the same.

The Facebook Emoticons come a dime a dozen. If you want to convey the most unusual emotion, to be put in symbols, Emoticon has the answer for you. Nevertheless, the basic smiley is the most common Emoticon that you can possibly ask for.

The Heart Emoticon symbol is quite famous. Facebook users prefer to use in their chat while expressing love for their mates. But there are other ways of expressing ‘love’ emotions to friends with whom you are chatting about that special person in life. Simply use the heart Emoticon and it expresses wither you have fallen in love or talking about your special person.

Facebook introduced the emoticon concept to popularize chatting session between friends and make it more personalized. Feeling the human touch through expression satisfies one’s conversation.

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