Facebook Emoticons: Shark and Penguin Emoticons

You don’t need to speak about movies like the “deep blue sea” or refer to all the parts of “Jaws” that have been released till date. Neither do you have to threaten those unwanted pestering Facebook friends of yours about the sharks prowling off the coast. Now with Facebook emoticons, you can directly import the sea predators into their chat boxes. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?! You don’t have to move a limb and your work of sending chills down the offenders’ spine are done by the fierce shark icon. Facebook chat emoticons are targeted at providing the icon users all the possible tools to simplify their chatting options. It saves you a lot of time, which again indicates that you are free to talk as much as you can.

Among the other Facebook chat emoticons, you will come across a cute little penguin. Wondering about how to make use of this one? Talk about going on a trip to colder places and let your penguin icon take care of all the suggestions. If your friends want to visit hotter areas your penguin will tell him exactly what you are referring to. Facebook emoticons create better conversational possibilities for those who love their chat boxes.

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