FB Emoticons – Robot & Red Devil


If you love to see your friends in green then you can’t help being a fan of Facebook smileys. Nothing can beat the Facebook emoticons, when it comes to displaying your different sides. Robot is one of the coolest Facebook smileys that lift you above anyone’s guess about what you are thinking of them. This is the smartest of Facebook smileys that you can insert in your chat by typing :|]. Do not let others deep dive into your mind and stick to your air of secrecy and reserve.


Hey, did you recently get pitted against your buddy? Then why don’t you confide with the latest Facebook emoticons to show him who you are? The tiny facebook smileys seem to be too cute, but trust me, you would never find such a competitive emoticon. Facebook emoticons like the devil (3:) 3:-)) is also a cool way to flirt, when all others will be sending roses and heart-balloons to fan their love interest. Facebook smileys are unmatched in their concepts. Arm yourself to stay ahead of others.

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