FB Emoticons: Penguin & Pacman | Facebook Penguin Emoticon

Browsing through the various Facebook Emoticons, you will find a number of Emoticon symbols. Consider using the Facebook Penguin Emoticon. It expresses cuteness and sweetness. If you have friend whom you feel to express your mind that the person is a sugar coated pal in the whole world, then the use of Facebook Penguin Emoticon speaks out loud. However, Penguins are found amidst biting cold and snow capped lands. Therefore, when the Winter arrives, the usage of Penguin Emoticon increases rapidly like anything.

The Pacman is another most popular Facebook Emoticon. If you grew up in the 80s, then Pacman is a potbelly of happy memories for you. You will love to use the Facebook Pacman Emoticon that refreshes the old memories. Pacman is just the yellow guy who is fun to handle or steer. Maybe he was a little forgotten, but with the recent rage of different networking sites or forums, he has emerged as a fresh man to spice up the chat conversation between friends. No doubt, the Facebook uses the Pacman Emoticon to enable chat conversation.

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