FB Emoticons | Kiss Chris or Cry with FB Emoticons

Kiss, Chris Putnam and Cry are the three cool Facebook smileys used to emote different expressions. Kiss is one of the cutest Facebook smileys that is unmatched in expressing romantic love. Hot favorite among the new lovers and even the long time couples, kiss is perfect to convey the message that you are really missing your partner and want to give a warm and affectionate kiss. Insert this sweet and romantic smiley in your chat, you will surely get a similar reply.

Chris Putnam is the most iconic of all Facebook emoticons that is best to show your attitude. It is the one and only emoticon that bears a human face, that of Chris Putnam, the chief software designer of Facebook.

Now come to the blue side of Facebook emoticons. If sad was not sufficient for your heart burning pain and you want to cry out loud, just insert the cry in your chat. But be careful when inserting cry. It can becontagious and will surely make your recipients cry for you. Type :* for kiss, :putnam: for Chris Putnam and :'( for cry.

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