FB Emoticons | Come Face to Face with Exclusive Emoticons

Only Facebook has Facebook emoticons for chat! That’s almost a given right?! Well, Facebook chat emoticons have some exclusive emoticons that you won’t see or get to use in other Instant messaging platforms. There’s the Chris Putnam emoticon for one! How many IM’s let you create a shark or penguin? Facebook emoticons surely have both of those. Even though you may not be able to see your FB buddy face to face, the emoticons for Facebook allow you to get the next best thing. Use them to depict exactly how you’re feeling at the moment.

If you normally like to chat with smileys then this should be easy for you. You have an entire list of FB emoticons to choose from. Of course there’s the classic wink, grin, sad, mad and maybe even sunglasses. But what about squinty eyes, angel, grumpy, Pacman and robot? I bet you didn’t even know about some of those Facebook emoticons! They’re all there too! It’s just a matter of you learning them, which is just as simple as finding them. You can even make curly lips and send kisses using the exclusive emoticons for Facebook. It’s still hot outside so I know you’re probably staying in during the afternoon chatting with old friends from school. You may as well practice up on the Facebook emoticons you’re unfamiliar with.

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