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Someone seemed to know what they were doing when creating the keyboard. Who knew these letters and symbols would one day go so far as to making smiley faces and Facebook emoticons. Take a look at all the simple combinations that create our little yellow colorful friends. They say for you what your fingers cannot and are super easy to create! Using a couple of a letters, a number or two, the shift key, and the Alt key helps you make things you would never imagine, and in 2011 they’re referred to as Facebook emoticons. With everyone so involved in social networking the Facebook emoticons for chat couldn’t have come in at a better time!

Stop daydreaming at work. You might as well use that time to chat with friends using the Facebook chat emoticons. You could even just be at home sitting by the computer. Learn something new! Look at all the characters we have to offer. Facebook emoticons consist of both happy and sad or disgruntled faces. The 2 animal emoticons are shark and penguin. Then you’ve got the heart FB emoticon to share extra love through the web. Facebook emoticons are free and simple to use. If you’ve already figured out the updated chat format on Facebook, then go right back to using the smileys to convey your true feelings. Check out our facebook page too!

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  1. But there’s also a lack of emoticons for emotions that already exist and are just not thought about very often. And how are Facebook’s users supposed to communicate that they are feeling philosophical if there isn’t an emoticon for it?

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