Facebook Symbol: Dark Smiley

You have the option of using a number of Facebook Emoticons or even Facebook Symbols to express feelings. Since, graphical presentation and symbols have successfully replaced the text, it is more viable to use symbols and get your message across with clarity, without struggling with words.

The codes are the current rage and each code has its own significance. But there is a definite procedure to get the code typed rightly so that you get the symbol in the chat box to be sent to your friend. Alt + 2 is ☻. This is a bold smiley, which is quite a common expression. Just remember to set your keyboard on num lock first before using the number 2 on the right to create it. Either you find it as a Facebook Emoticon or type the code to get the process accurately right. When pressing the Alt key on the left side of the keyboard, press the code without moving your finger from the Alt button.

The numbers on the top of the keyboard of your desktop do not work for codes. Therefore make sure that you press the numbers placed on the extreme right of the keyboard.

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