Facebook Smileys | Popular Smileys & Emoticons

‘Emoticon’ is the combination of two words: ‘emotion’ and ‘icon’. When icons or symbols are used to express the temperament of a sentence or the reader’s mind, emoticons are used to demonstrate it. Facebook is a very popular networking site that uses the Emoticons to decode the user’s expression in a more convenient fashion. While chat-talking, the users put in the shortcuts of the expression, which are translated into the right Facebook emoticon.

Smile, kiss, anger, frustration, frown are some of the common human expression and you can mean a lot by using them while you are chatting. You and your friends know that it is not going to be long sentences, which looks boring at times rather the chatting is going to be fun and full of colors. For instance, if you are disappointed with a particular with whom you are chatting, then there is no need to put down in word. Just send a Facebook emoticon or smiley expressing disappointment and that says it all. A picture speaks loud than words and to emphasize your say go with Facebook emoticons.

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