Facebook Smileys: Frown & FB Founder Emoticon


Facebook smileys are not only for happy moments. They can also hold up your gloomier side. Sad face or frown is one of such facebook emoticons that not only show others how sad you are, but makes them sad too. Whether it’s your better-half leaving you in the love-season, your colleague who buttered your boss to manage the extra perks or simply you yourself who contracted an irritating flu, facebook emoticons, like the frown, will apply to all. Facebook smileys can be obtained simply by typing the shortcuts, being 🙁 🙁 :[ =( here.

Chris Putnam Emoticon (Facebook Founder)

The new series of Facebook smileys can add a lot to your attitude. How about leaving your footsteps wherever you go in Chris Putnam way? Chris Putnam, the brain behind Facebook designs and software, is the owner of the one and only human face that has been postered up as one of the smartest Facebook emoticons. Like other cool Facebook smileys, you can insert Chris Putnam by typing :putnam:. Let Facebook emoticons carry across your attitude to all places you go and before everyone you meet.

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