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The world’s most popular social networking site is really genius to have designed Kiki & Curly Lips in its amazing list of Facebook smileys! The catchy Facebook emoticons have found their ideas even in cats’ smiles. The happy eyes or the kiki (^_^) is one of the best Facebook smileys, that opens up the heart of the perfectly happy person. If you stumbled on “perfect”, you can surely wish that for your loved ones. You can also send the curly lips (:3) to someone whom you would like to cuddle like cats.

If you find kiki over used, there are still some sweetest of Facebook smileys to help you. Curly lips is one of the Facebook emoticons that can show how infinitely happy you are. Curly lips is one of the facebook smileys that is also used in more than one ways. You can send this also to your beloved to convey how deeply you want her to cuddle up with, much like the cats. Enrich your collection of the coolest of facebook emoticons by inserting curly lips through :3.

Confide in the wonderful Facebook emoticons to spread happiness with a smile.<

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