Facebook Smileys: Crying & Sad Face | Teary Eyed FB Smileys

Facebook emoticons are omnipresent and perhaps omniscience too. They are unmatched in expressing myriad emotions with the least effort. Lost your purse last night? Suffered a bad hair day at office? Or maybe you escaped a near fracture on the slippery floor and can’t make it to the cool hang-out with your friends today? Let Facebook smileys inform your friends how sad you are. (No pun intended.) The whole new set of Facebook emoticons lists the sad face (:-( 🙁 :[ =() and even the crying (:’(), when you are depressed. These sensitive Facebook smileys will make even your friend cry with you.

Are you feeling left out and alone in the season of love and feeling like crying? Make others cry too with the sensitive Facebook emoticons like cry. Facebook smileys have graduated far beyond only smile – the cry being the handy example. Depression and sorrow also have their degree of intensity. If you are moderately sad, use the frown; and if you feel like crying aloud, cry will help you a lot. These simple but meaningful Facebook emoticons will effectively reflect your mind in your chat. Simply type :’( to let facebook smileys make others cry with you.

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