Facebook Smiley: Confused or Unsure

When you are chatting with your friend and you cannot understand something then there is no need for you to write a whole page about what you really cannot understand. Just send in the confused smiley and see the reaction. Facebook smiley can work wonders if you know how to make use of them. The unsure and confused Facebook smiley are the best way to express your confusing mind. If you are not sure how to react to a certain thing that your friend has said, then you must insert the unsure smiley to make the message clear to your friends.

Facebook smileys are a bunch of facial expression that has been designed specially to enable conversation and spice it up to extend your friendship on a different platter with more enthusiasm and spice in it. Sometimes, when you are writing in words, it has no spark or mystery in it. Therefore, the Facebook chat emoticons are the special way to express beyond words. It reaches out to your friends with a new style and definition that enables you express better. Unsure and confused smileys are specially used to help those instances when you are not sure what to say to your friends.

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