Facebook Smile, Wink & Grin Emoticons

The three Facebook emoticons: smile, wink and grin are most commonly used. You will love the effect of the three Facebook emoticons and how it brings smile on the person’s face with whom you are chatting. The smile is simple and looks like :-). It is a smile that takes to pacify tension and revive friendship with your friends. A good morning wish with the smiley is all that takes to lend that personal touch to your friend.

The grin is the broader version of the smile smiley. The image shows, 😀 , which means you are expressing your smile with an open mouth flashing your teeth. This looks you are in open arms to greet your friend for a joke or for the simplest chat that you are having. It just takes a grin to lighten up burdening situation and make your friends feel happier and easier to mingle with.

The Facebook chat emoticons are helpful when you think that words cannot send your message clear. The small faces work wonder with a more emphatic significance. The wink is one such smiley that has a sweet touch to it. It lingers on to your imagination with a mischief hint sent by your friend. You will love the wink and definitely be in wonder what your friend is up to this time.

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