Facebook IM Smileys: Kiss, Heart & Curly Lips

Kiss, Heart and curly lips are the variegated Facebook smileys. They have their own significance and are used to convey different feelings to your friend. The smileys are the graphical representation of emotions, which are inserted in between words to impress the person with whom you are chatting.

The kiss emoticon is rage amongst young lovers who yearn to express their emotions at the end of each word. In that case, the kiss comes to your aid expressing the passion you are feeling for your beloved. The heart shows your love for someone. If you are dying to propose someone and want to let someone understand how your heart feels for him or her, heart emoticon is very appropriate. It is the heart that captivates your girlfriend’s heart.

The curly lips Facebook emoticon is a better version of kiss and is more igniting. If you want to rush to your boyfriend or girlfriend and want to dearest hug, then you will definitely want to do it. But there are situations where you cannot. In that case, the curly lips signify that how madly you want to cuddle him or her when you cannot get at that place instantly.

Hence, these are the Facebook emoticon that can work wonder to your chat. You will love the spark and spice in applying the Facebook chat smileys.

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