Facebook IM Emoticons: Crying and Sad Face

You will not want to talk when you are feeling sad. Therefore in conditions of melancholy it is better to write less and express more. Use Facebook IM emoticons to express yourself. When you are narrating a sad story and want to express the plight you will not want to say more, instead you will want to express. Expressions are more clear than words. Your friends will understand exactly what you want to say.

The crying or the sad face emoticons show how sorrowful you are. Suppose your dog is unwell and you are sharing the plight with your friend, then you send them a sad or teary emoticon. Your friend will realize your thoughts and feel sad too. The Facebook emoticons have been customized in a way to replicate the human faces and how they change at times of emotions.

Facebook chat emoticons are best to get your message across. It is the facial expression that emotes better. When you are at loss for the right words, the expressions take off with the right meaning. You will enjoy how your chat is resulting into interesting conversation. Facebook emoticon hold wonders that are to be unleashed with the right application. Make things simpler yet definite with the Facebook emoticons.

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