Facebook Heart Chat Emoticon



Do you have a crush and want to give them a token of your affection without really “spilling the beans”. Then send them this Heart Facebook Chat Messenger Emoticon. This emoticon is one of the best emoticons to give because it really can show a variety of emoticons. First it just a heart, or if your crush likes you back they will see that it is more than that, and it could help jump start your relationship and start taking it to the next level.

Did you know this symbol for the heart has been around for many years? It is one of the oldest symbols around and has been used as the symbol for many religious deities throughout the ages. It has been used for the Egyptian God Osiris, Hindu God Vishnu, and many others. Don’t you think that it is interesting that the symbol that most people take for love is also used for various religious purposes as well? Just another factoid to keep you thinking or to use if your crush doesn’t reciprocate their feeling you have a good story to tell them to cover up your hidden feelings.

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